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David A Perdue Elementary Media Center


Library Rules:

1.  Take care of library property, such as books, magazines, shelf markers, and furniture.

2.  Walk in the library.

3.  Speak in a quiet voice.

4.  Listen quietly during lesson and storytimes.

5.  Be respectful to the librarian, adult volunteers and other students.

6.  Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.


Checkout Policy:

Students are allowed to check out  two books at a time.  Each teacher sets their own classroom check out policy.  Students are not charged overdue fees, but are given 2 weeks to turn books in.  We send out overdue notices once a month.


Lessons in the Media Center

During class times, we cover many different topics such as traditional topics like reference books and also topics like digitial citizenship, technology, genre's, primary and secondary sources.  When we use stations, we incorporate the makerspace idea to create, invent and think outside the box.  We love to use OSMO's, IO Blocks, Little Bits, Sphero's and various engineering tasks.