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   Mr. Bradley Weaver, Director 


The DPES Chorus is comprised of fourth and fifth grade students at David Perdue Elementary School. Prospective members must audition at the beginning of the school year to be in the group. The Chorus performs at two regular concerts every year. A Christmas Concert, and a Spring Concert. As ambassadors of the school, the Chorus is asked to perform for community events throughout the year in addition to their regular concerts.


The Mission of the David Perdue Elementary School Chorus is that every student will work together as a team to create an ensemble they can take pride in. Students will cultivate their talents and use them to better their community. Each choir member will develop proper vocal technique and be given a well-rounded music fundamentals background that will instill the performance skills needed to be an independent singer. This training will not only educate the students at a high level of musicianship, but also develop confidence within the students.



1. To help students develop, through an emphasis on musical fundamentals, into the best musicians they can be.

2. To offer an opportunity for young musicians to perform literature of an appropriate difficulty, as part of a student ensemble.

3. To help students learn good character traits such as responsibility, self-discipline, respect, and service.

4. To help students learn cooperation with others and to work as “team” players to achieve group goals.

5. To provide musical service to the community.

6. To promote, build, and educate future audiences and supporters of music.