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Yearbook Information


Congratulations to Kennadie Shell (5th Grade).  Her design will be on the front cover of the yearbook this year.


BACK-TO-SCHOOL SPECIAL!  Yearbooks are $32!  Purchase your yearbook either with your homeroom teacher or online at  This special offers FREE ICONS with the purchase of one line of personalization.  Deadline for the Back-To-School Special is September 8th.


September 7th - September 29th: Baseprice is $32

September 28th - November 10th: Baseprice is $34

November 9th - April 1st: Baseprice is $36

If there are any extra yearbooks, the price will be $40 CASH ONLY (day/time to be announced ~ first come, first serve on the announced day)


You can also order your yearbook online.  Click on:


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Don't miss out!  Buy some space in the yearbook and tell your child how proud you are of them and how much you love them!  For sample sizes, see below.

Deadline: September 8th!