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DPES 4H Club

 What is 4-H:

4-H is a fun and educational organization for youth in grades 4-5. 4-H helps youth to develop their interests and abilities to their fullest through project work, club work, special activities and events. 4-H is open to youth regardless of race, color, sex, handicap, or national origin.  If you are interested in learning more about 4-H, please take time to search through our website, and email our 4-H Agent if you have any questions! If you are a current 4-H member, parent, or volunteer, check back often to stay up-to-date on what new and exciting opportunities are available to you!


4-H Mission:

The mission of Georgia 4-H is to assist youth in acquiring knowledge, developing life skills, and forming attitudes that will enable them to become self-directing, productive and contributing members of society. This mission is accomplished, through “hands on” learning experiences, focused on agricultural and environmental issues, agriculture awareness, leadership, communication skills, foods and nutrition, health, energy conservation, and citizenship.

4-H Vision:

A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive change.

4-H Motto:

“To Make The Best Better”

4-H Pledge:


I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking head image
heart image        my HEART to greater loyalty
         my HANDS to larger service hand image
health image and my HEALTH to better living for my club, my community, my country and my world.